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Care to Join Us?

Lifestyle Actions for Consenting Adults


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Care to Join Us? is a sexy swinging lifestyle card game developed in partnership with the popular swinging lifestyle podcast WeGottaThing. It features sexy activities that ramp up slowly and is designed to help take you from 0 swap to full-swap in 52 actions (or less!). [note: only the last card is full-swap, the rest are light-swap or soft-swap, and all ramp up slowly].

This game is designed to help couples test the initial chemistry and get playtime started while having fun, making connections, and learning more about one another. It features fun and sexy combinations of activities that build up the fires from just a kiss on the hand to soft swap and beyond.

"Regardless of what Mr Jones says, this is the smart card game that really gets things started.” — Mrs. Jones

In Care to Join Us?, the lifestyle card game of adult actions, you and your sexy friends experience 3 levels of naughty fun:

Level 1 | 20 “Light touching, kissing, clothes on” actions, all 100% consent based to test the chemistry.
Level 2 |16 “Get undressed and enjoy the caress” actions to move the party along.
Level 3 | 15 “Softswap in a wide variety of combinations" actions to make soft-swap play truly unique and fun.
plus 1 final card to suggest taking the playtime to the next level!

Game Features:

  • Each card has a unique action designed to teach consent and build up the heat gradually; there are no duplicates.
  • Two sets of instructions/rules: Standard consent rules, and “poker rules (which also includes consent).”
  • Adaptable to any card game that can be played with a standard deck of cards (Ace through 2, this is a normal deck of cards too).
  • High-quality water resistant cards that feel good to the touch.
  • Standard 2.5″ x 3.5″ playing card size.
  • Plastic hinged carrying case — suitcase (and swinger bag) friendly.
  • Game has been play-tested with up to 8 people.