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Customized Door Sign

A Customized Lifestyle Door Hanger

Just Your Tip

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Here's a tip: when you are traveling for the lifestyle, always use something to customize your bedroom door so that YOU can find your room more easily, and so that OTHERS can find your room too!

That's why we made "Tip on The Door".  It's 100% Customized with your name (or names) on it!  Even better, it has two sides...

Side 1 | Care to Join Us? Come On In!

Side 2 | Gettin' Busy!  Do Not Disturb!  <-- trust us the cleaning staff will appreciate this!

Tip on The Door is a door hanger that can be used as a sign so you know which room is yours and others know where your room is too.  It also lets other's know when you would not like to be disturbed.  Unlike other door signs, Tip on The Door is designed to fit any door and has a "Care to Join Us!" side... perfect for the swinging lifestyle.


  • Lightweigth wood for easy packing and traveling.
  • Laser Engraved (will never wash off, and safe to get wet).
  • Adjustable Ribbon Strap (will fit any door type or size)
  • Customized for your name(s) on both sides!

"Have you ever gone on a trip and couldn't find your room? Or worse, you made a connection, but your new sexy friends couldn't find your room?   Tip on The Door is for you!" - Happy Desire Pearl Riviera Maya Traveler

"We rented a beach house with five other lifestyle couples. These signs showed us what was up on any given night!" - Very Happy Beach Goers