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Tip Into Roleplay

Spicy Bedroom Roleplay


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52 Unique Oversize Roleplay Cards. Each with a Sexy Action and Specific "Lines" to Say

Get the roleplay action started and learn how to do it right with this easy to play and incredibly fun lifestyle card game for adults. The easy way to add spicy roleplay to the bedroom (2 to 8 players).

  • Learn how to roleplay without stress or feeling silly with simple convincing lines.
  • Know exactly what to say to make the roleplay easy, sexy and effective.
  • Get playtime started in a fun and sexy way for 2 to 8 adults.
  • Enjoy super sexy moments, with specific actions to take as you play your role and say your line.


  • 48 Unique Play Cards (oversized Tarrot size cards)
  • 4 Exciting "Wild Cards" to add extra spice to the game
  • 8 Unique Characters to Play - from Schoolgirl to Doctor and more!
  • 2 Rules Cards for "Basic" and "Advanced" Play Modes
  • 1 Felt Bag with Drawstring to Keep the Game "Secret and Safe"


    • Each of the 8 Unique Characters can be played by any gender (Male/Female/Other).
    • Each Character has their own color and numbered card set.
    • Each Character has 6 Distinct Levels of Sexy Actions (from no-swap to light-touch to soft-swap to full-swap).
    • Each Card has a unique action to take and specific words to say at each level, no Duplicates.
    • High quality - satin finish - water resistant cards.
    • Black, unlabeled felt bag to keep the cards secret and safe.