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Tip The Tower 2024

NEW Sexy Jenga Style Block Game w/108 actions. + house party mode!


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Block Tower Game - 2024 Edition (New Party Mode + Updated Actions + Laser Engraved).

A fun, hillarious, and instructive game for adults that has 2 levels of play "Light" and "Heavy".  Light level lets you learn about your new sexy friends, and just barely start to play (clothes on).  Heavy level gets the action started with specific, fun, and sexy actions that help the clothes come off.   

NEW FOR 2024 EDITION = PARTY MODE: EASIER TO PLAY FOR HOUSE PARTIES AND GROUPS!  2024 Edition also features easier to read rules, fewer silly actions, and updated designs... all based on feedback from our happy customers!

Get the playtime started - Easy Ice Breaker Questions and Hot and Steamy Actions for any size group!


  • 108 Sexy Actions!
  • 54 - laser engraved numbered wooden blocks (the tower pieces).
  • 1 - laser engraved wooden box with slip-out bottom for easy tower building.
  • 2 - 6-page booklets containing instructions and all 108 sexy activities.
  • 1 - Black unlabeled carrying case with hand straps.

54 Unique Questions/Light Actions + 54 Unique Heavy Actions = 108 Sexy Activities

In Tip The Tower, the lifestyle tower building game, you and as many of your sexy friends as possible (play-tested up to 8) experience 6 levels of fun across 108 unique activities.

  • Light Level 1: 18 Fun and sexy questions to start the night.
  • Light Level 2: 18 Naughty questions to discover fantasies.
  • Light Level 3: 18 Light touch and kiss actions and deeper questions.
  • Heavy Level 1: 18 Clothing removal and kissing and touching actions.
  • Heavy Level 2: 18 Soft-swap and multi-person soft swap actions.
  • Heavy Level 3: 18 Group actions and more!


New for 2024, this game includes an "easy mode" that's perfect for house parties and groups.  Easy mode reduces the number of activites to just a few that everyone will enjoy.  Rather than 54 unique questions, there are 11 different activities that are fun and flirty, and get the fun started. Perfect for a house party or lifestyle game night with more than 4.


    1. Engraved and laser burned for a custom-built style.
    2. Consent-based rules with 2 ways to play.
    3. Actual Game Rules, with a REAL WINNER (and everybody wins)
    4. Each action/question is unique, no duplicates.
    5. NEW for 2024: Easy Game Mode for House Parties and Groups!
    6. Convenient wooden box to make building the tower easy.
    7. Plain black carrying case for easy transport and anonymity.
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    Song W.
    Mexico Mexico
    I recommend this product

    Better than Amazon tower games

    The Tower game was great. Carry case and box made it easy to setup. All the actions are fun and work with friends or new people.

    Paige B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    A great idea.

    A very open & honest review after trying this game a few times now. PRO’s - (1) It is in fact an icebreaker. When you’re sitting around and you’re done chit chatting and wanting to transition to play the game is a seamless one. It can be hard to find non-awkward ways to start to play. (2) the 2 levels are great for being able to read if the other people are wanting to get into It or take it slow based on their choice of light or heavy actions. (3) it is just a numbered jenga so if you don’t like the set of rules you can always make your own! CONS:(1) There are lots of very awkward rules. “Rub your naked genitals all over 1 persons body” a lot of pretending your a cop, firefighter, dr. Just strange if it’s your first time with the other people. (2)From the perspective of ourselves and the others we’ve played with (ages 27-32) it feel very “boomer-y) the wording, the engraving, etc. OVERALL: I’m glad I purchased the game, I’m also glad I got it on sale. We have already re written a few rules and have come across more that we definitely need to change, but it’s a very easy game to re write rules/ complete a new set of rules and have it work well! It’s a great idea and in theory should really get the night started and moving towards the bedroom


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    Great review, and honest. We would love to share your rules on our website for download if you would be willing to share. Thank you!