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Laughs and Sexy Fantasies while playing Bullcrap?

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Going to a swinger club can be stressful.  We've found a way to make it more fun and less stressful for everyone using the game What's Your Thing?.  We figured out a way to play bullcrap with 4, 6, and even 8 players all at once!  What a fun way to break the ice and do some sexy fun!


We showed up early to "couples night" at our local lifestyle club. It's usually quieter early and fewer people, which suits us just fine. We don't love loud parties, we like quiet sexy evenings instead!

Sitting alone was another couple who, like us, prefers an early evening.  We approached them and said hello. (the scariest part of going to a sex club, is just saying hello!).

After some polite chat, we asked if they'd like to play a "questions only" icebreaker game.  They said yes!  (woo-hoo!)

Instead of playing it just asking questions, I had just been playing Bullshit with my teenagers (also known as Farkle or Bullcrap for youngsters)... so I suggested we play "Bullshit" with the cards, and whoever is caught lieing or calling bullcrap wrong has to answer the top question.

It worked great!  So great that we ended up playing together with this couple that night!

We've used this game now several times and even played with 8 people at once. (no it sadly didn't turn into an orgy, but we did play that night too).

So, do the What's Your Thing? card work? Yep!

And the new Bullcrap rules we've shared with JYT, INC below make it even more fun!



As with all our Sexy Success Stories, this story is either a user submitted story or a story from the creators of the game (including various members of the WeGottaThing Community).  Either way, it is a 100% true story.  

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