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Scarlet Ranch Review - Amazing Food and Lifestyle Games

Posted by Sexy Success Stories on

When you walk into Scarlet Ranch near Denver Colorado, you cannot help but be impressed. The gorgeous cabin-style resort offers you the smell of wood beams and cleanliness. The smiling staff check you in on tablets and welcome you with hugs.

Towards the back there is a large area which is a restaurant!  It's a very excellent steak restaurant.  We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service.

The basement is the play area, with a big room for play, a smaller room for lounging and a space with about 6 cubbies with curtains and beds behind them for more play.

What we liked the most was the people!  Everyone was so friendly and "game". No, not game to just go to bed straight away, but game to talk, have fun, and play 'our' game, Just Your Tip!

We met a couple after dinner and broke out the cards upstairs. The Just Your Tip card game did it's job and got the party started.  Kissing, touching, hugging, and more all due to the cards.  We then took the game downstairs for the "oral" portion of the game.

Clearly, this little travel lifestyle card game works.  The small plastic box goes with us everywhere now!