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Swinging Success at Desire Pearl... what does it mean??

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How do you define success at a place like Desire Pearl, a clothing optional resort for couples only?  Especially since Desire Resorts cater to people who are "in the Lifestyle ".  What does success even mean?  Well, if our very recent trip to Desire is any indication,  success can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, you get to define it.  Let us share our sexy story of several different couples, all of whom had different success experiences, including us!

Couple number one was brand new.  They were nudists, but had never done anything sexual with another couple.  Well, we made friends, we helped them learn a bit, and then we invited them to try our game!  No, they didn't end up in a wild orgy, but they did push their boundaries a tad.. kissed and got kissed, light touching and fun.  By the end of the week they were so much more connected together and were so thankful we helped them explore and did not push past what they were comfortable with.  Success!

Okay, couple two had several years of experience in the swinging lifestyle. We invited them to join us for dinner.  We had a great time playing our questions game "Whats Your Thing?" over dinner and sharing experiences.  It was a great way to learn each other's boundaries and also what we like in the bedroom.  As dinner was winding down, of course we invited them to our room to try the sexy actions game "Just Your Tip".  Well, we made it through about 8 cards before we all said, screw it, let's get into bed and play.  It was fantastic, and a success by all (even if we didn't make it far into the game).

Couple number three is us!  We enjoy meeting people, introducing them to our sexy games, and playtime when the chemistry is right.  But a trip like this (also my Birthday) is also about reconnecting together.  Every day, we had room service brought to our room (it's free since we are VIP members).  Them we had amazing hot sex, yes, every single day before we left to enjoy the sunshine and pool!   And to me, reconnecting with my amazing spouse, is amazing success as well.

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As with all our Sexy Success Stories, this story is either a user submitted story or a story from the creators of the game (including various members of the WeGottaThing Community).  Either way, it is a 100% true story.  

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