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Crazy Lifestyle Fun at The Hot Tub at Desire Pearl

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The great podcast We Gotta Thing - https://wegottathing.com, hosts a takeover of Desire Pearl Riviera Maya every year.  This past November it was a party like none other!  While we were a bit new to the group (and the swinging lifestyle in general)... there was a moment in the Hot Tub that, not only got us "into our first real play with others", but the whole dang hot tub start "playing" together as well!  A massive 100-person orgy? Not quite... but read on!

This Desire Pearl Riviear Maya Resort, near Cancun, is a Lifestyle Resort, where clothing optional areas are almost everywhere and many people who go are "in the lifestyle".  During the takeover weekend, however, nearly everyone who comes to Desire that weekend is in the lifestyle and ready to have some sexy fun (with consent of course).  Not us!  We were new, just had a few casual meets in the past.  We are listeners of the podcast though, so when someone mentioned "The Smart Card Game", we knew they were talking about Care to Join Us?... we just didn't realize it could be played in a hot tub with 100 people!

So, here's what happened. Someone in the Hot Tub started handing out cards from the game (they are water-resistant after all!).  Next thing we knew, a gorgeous woman comes over to my husband and says,

"I have this card, it says, kiss someone on the lips.  May I?" she says.

My husband looks at me like a deer in headlights.  I just nod. He says, "sure." 

They kiss for a few minutes, and it was wonderful to see by the way, when she turns to me and says, "can I try it with you"?

This moment was part of why we came to Desire, and she was so sweet and smiling, so I just went with it and said, "yes"!

Well, I looked up after that amazing kiss, and the entire hot tub was passing cards around, kissing touching, even some oral was happening!  Needless to say, the "smart card game" was working it's magic!  There were cards everywhere!

That evening we got to try a 3-way kiss, a 3-way boobie kiss, hands all over our bodies, and more to say!  What a fun first experience, and all thanks to WeGottaThing and Care to Join Us?

Needless to say, we already booked next November!



As with all our Sexy Success Stories, this story is either a user submitted story or a story from the creators of the game (including various members of the WeGottaThing Community).  Either way, it is a 100% true story.  

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