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Las Vegas Lifestlye Games Success

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It was a very warm day in July, 2022.  The gambling was good that day, with a hot streak at the craps table.  My wife was blowing and throwing like a sexy madwoman. The entire table, enjoying my wifes cleavage and sexy energy, was betting on her every toss.  Little did they know, we are actually swingers at a weekend swinger conference event with the https://wegottathing.com podcast group!  We were part of over 50 lifestyle couples who did a takeover of the Virgin Hotel and the PlayhouseLV Lifestyle club that weekend.  The gambling and the hotel and even Playhouse LV were all fun.. but the real fun happened in our hotel room late at night, and all thanks to the new lifestyle game we got at the event from Mr & Mrs. Jones of WeGottaThing called  "Care to Join Us?"!

So, what happened? Well here are the dirty details! We met a couple at the event and hit it off right away. Sexy flirting all day while gambling and hanging out by the pool at the Virgin Hotel. We invited them to dinner, and they, seemingly also interested in us, agreed to join us for dinnner.  Dinner was amazing and fun, and as it was winding down we asked if they would like to come to our room to check out the new Care to Join Us game from WGT.  "Sure, sounds fun."  OH BOY! Little did they know (or maybe they did), that the game is designed to get you touching, kissing, and getting naked with your friends before you even realize you are "playing".

We started the game, and like others, it starts slowly, just kissing and light touching. We asked if they would like to try "Level 2" where clothes come off.  They looked at each other and said "yes!" at the same time. We continued to play level 2, and that led to removing clothes, more touching and other sexy actions. Level 3 was just around the corner.

"Want to try level 3? It involves soft-swap" we asked, as all of us were nude by then.

"Um, can we try it on the bed?" they asked back...  We had been on the couch until then. Our room was well laid out with a couch that had great view of the Las Vegas strip.  The game and some of our clothing was laid out on the table (see pic).

"Sure, lets move over there".  I am sad, but also happy to report that we didn't play a single additional card.  Instead, the guys went down on the girls and then the girls softswapped on the guys.  After that, more things happened, more positions, it all just flowed.  We didn't need cards to tell us what to do once we were all 4 naked in bed.  Nevertheless, they were there if we needed them! The cards had already done their job anyways, got the party started!

Thank you, Just Your Tip team!  We love your cards!


As with all our Sexy Success Stories, this story is either a user submitted story or a story from the creators of the game (including various members of the WeGottaThing Community).  Either way, it is a 100% true story.  

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