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Gamers who Swing a new Generation of The Swinging Lifestylee

Posted by Sexy Success Stories on

It's 2022, and people who are now in their 30's and 40's grew up playing board games, D&D and computer games.  What does that mean? It means that a new generation of swingers is here! We don't call ourselves swingers though...  we use the term "lifestyle" and some people say "lifestyle geeks" or shorten that to "sex geeks".  So, how do you become a "sex geek" like us?  And how do you meet other "sex geeks"?

What you might not know is there are games out there and companies like JYT, INC that offer a wide variety of games.  We, of course like our games the most, because they are well balanced, focus on consent, and generally have many ways to play them.  My personal favorite game is our Jenga-style tower block game called "Tip The Tower".  Why? Because it is fun regardless of your experience level in the lifestlye or with the new play-partners.  It's also fun when the tower falls... everybody gets naked!

There are other game companies and games out there we also like.  Many of them we've played and adopted to fit our needs.  Couplicious is a fun board game, but we made it better by adding "levels" to the cards so everyone is consenting to different levels.  XXXopoly is fun too, but we made it better by getting rid of a lot of the silly cards that weren't so fun.  

Our mission is to keep making games for the newest generation of CNM (consensual non-monogomy).  We believe in the ethical slut principle and the ideals of ENM (ethical non-monogomy).  We also like just helping couples have a sexy fun time... even if they are monogmous, our games are fun to play together.

I hope you will join us and support us as we make this company awesome.

Coming soon:

1. NEW Laser Engraved version of Tip The Tower (now available!).

2. a new party-game!

3. a new actual strategy game (for the truly serious sex-geeks!).