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Meeting Out-of-Town For a First Play Date

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What could be more stressful or pressure-filled than meeting a couple for your first play-date out of town?  Well, what if you both are traveling to meet?  What if one of you is from another country even?  That kind of pressure is just too much for most people to relax and have a successful night of swinging lifestyle fun.  That is, until we discovered "Care to Join Us?", the lifestyle card game.  It not only saved the weekend, it has made playtime more fun even with our long-time play friends.


"So, we know we've only met once at that lifestyle retreat, but we really liked you guys and wanted to setup a play date," my husband said in the chat to the international couple. 


"Well, we do have some miles saved up for flights, what were you thinking?" the husband of the other couple said.


"How about we meet in [the major city a few hours from our small town]?  We can get the hotel room since you two will be flying. What do you think?" he replied.


"Okay, let's do it!" they said, both in the chat.  It was a good sign because it meant, as we had hoped, both of the other couple were excited about play.


That's when the stress started.  Would we play?  Traveling overseas for them, two hours for us. We were springing for the hotel room, what if they canceled? You can see how this kind of stress would normally cause a problem.


That's when our favorite podcast, We Gotta Thing, introduced us to "Care to Join Us?", the lifestyle card game.  It was designed to help couples "start play" without the pressure of a full-swap or even a soft-swap.  The cards were designed to go from 2 to ace, a full poker deck, to get play started slowly, test the waters... light kissing.. then light touching, all the way to full-swap in 52 cards.  This would be a great chance to try that. It certainly helped with some of my lifestyle anxiety!


The fateful night came, and we made the drive with excited nerves.  We met the couple for dinner and they were as wonderful as we had remembered.  We headed back to the hotel, and we all slipped into sexy lingerie.  My husband pulled out the "Care to Join Us?" card game, and we promptly fell flat on our faces!  


We had not read the directions fully, thinking we know what we were doing!  Actually, you are supposed to order the cards 2-through-ace and start with the 2s!  When my husband drew a Jack at random and it said to give oral to another person, we all laughed, and were like, umm, maybe we're not ready for that card!


We re-ordered the cards and started with the 2's. Light touching, kissing, and eventually removal of clothing, all happened perfect and naturally!  
It really felt like the cards were progressing just perfectly for the evening, and nobody felt stressed or rushed.  By about the 7 or 8 of spades, we all decided to just jump into bed and be together fully.  Needless to say, the cards had done the trick!  They perfectly broke the ice and set the mood.  With the pressure off for any specific swapping, we were all able to relax and let things flow more naturally.


Thank you JustYourTip.com for making such a great game in parntership with WeGottaThing!  It's an absolute must-have for any swinger bag or play bag.  The best part is, it comes in a hard plastic case, so the cards (also plastic and water-resistant) stay safe in my play bag all the time!


With hugs,
Your friends from the United States



As with all our Sexy Success Stories, this story is either a user submitted story or a story from the creators of the game (including various members of the WeGottaThing Community).  Either way, it is a 100% true story.  

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